Sunday, November 30, 2008

Follow Your Bliss

When you don't want to say goodbye to the time behind and beyond your reach, when you wish you could redeem yourself just by doing the things, you know, was right for're bound to stuck upon things and don't want to move on.

You wish you were a better person, a better son, a better brother, and those dark urges crawl on to your brain, you try to smother yourself, you gasp, yet cannot get rid of it, throw off and be someone else!

You want to put your calm to test and choose pain, for the pain seems to be a friend now far better of. You want to tear all apart and let hell break loose on you just as if it would baptize you! Had it been not the way it happened and you could put things on to the right place, but no tear is of help now, no regret good enough to put the ghost back to its den, no anger can scorch the burns you suffered already. The deepest scars are those that you cannot see. Your ordeal, coupled by the had-it-been-different wish always buys you fiction separated from facts.

Come to terms when you are, faced with what, why and how, mourned and regretted
long enough, try something harder and start by forgiving yourself. To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last - but eat you he will. So stop having pity on yourself and reclaim the life, the person you are lives in it.

You had the best of times, you went through the worst of it too, but what counts is not the mistakes you made, but you learnt not to repeat them. Free yourself and not punish. There is no shame in making the perfect choice and coming back with it even though late. Your past is what you left behind, storming in to it will wreck you and rob you of the peace you could possibly make with yourself. Look at it all a different way. Moments that were the loveliest and you wished they stay longer, things you had fun to do with and pleasures you shared will give you strength to go ahead and never feel like a half person. Follow your bliss and live on.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Forbidden Relatives insight to the post..

A kinline that decides the way your relations are, inborn bondings that ppl don't like to see the other way, sometimes turns upside down, revealing a new version of truth, so feared and ignored before...

But it's all been a part of truth,

a question never answered but

long nourished deep inside,

denying all the meant-to-be's...

Your beliefs argued, your emotions questioned...

Why are the way things are?

What you feel when ppl put fingers on you..?

what do you answer yourself?

You see a world shattering your dream,

Crippling the skin underneath,

Drifting your thoughts from the very way they used to feel like before...

They hurled those words at you,Wish it had never been uttered...

But to all the odds, pain n anguish...You chose to live,

together in the same world,

that denies the bonds so close before...

yet you breath the air of hope,

to grow old together as you have grown young for each other....

The love you fell for, was not as simple as LOVE is,

you crossed the forbidden line...leaving the world behind.

A new day unfolds a new ecstasy...

A dream so cherished, yet so new to explore...

A talk, calling hundreds of words, yet so untalked...

Half fulfilled wishes, yet feels so complete...

The night so biting,

yet so warm in the arms of Love!

The fire, burning two mates..and

An eternity rests in those palms, closed together.